General FAQ


    Is Stellar Horizon availible to play yet?

    Kind of, registration has been opened so you may now register and 'play', bare in mind that all game features are liable to change at any moment in time, and entire server wipes may be common at current

    When will Stellar Hoizon be released?

    Since SH is only being built by a small team the game will be released when it is ready, as of yet there is not even a rough date for this completion.

    I can see the register button but it says registration is disabled

    Since the re-working of the core structure all previous accounts have been removed, and the registration page has been locked off while we are back on internal testing. Since accounts are being wiped atleast once a week it would be unfair to allow general user registration.

    What happened to the previous game workings?

    All previous code and workings have been backed up on offsite storage, this entire site is being completely rebuilt, see the News Page(see top of page) for information as to the current progress of the new mechanics as they start working.

    Can I help with the testing?

    When enough of the games content is active we shall open up the game for public tesing, balancing on a speed based server, note that all these accounts will be reset when the game goes live.
    The Stellar Horizon Project: Stephen Bovill, Alan Wareham 2015